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By advertising your product with us you can reach thousands of users in the Chicago-land area and beyond. A percentage of all advertising dollars will be donated to the Chicago Public School System on a scheduled basis to help fund music and arts programs for children. We feel that contributing to the development of children's appreciation of music and the arts will go a long way in educating people about different cultures and provide those with talent a way to improve themselves and the world around them. You can help by purchasing advertising through us. When donations are made to the various school districts, we will provide them a list of everyone who has made the donations possible.

Banner Ads

Using our own methodology, we will ensure that your ad is viewed by every one of our regular users (users that have signed up for an account on our site).In addition to being presented to users that have not signed up for an account will see your ad as well.

E-mail Advertising*

By allowing our regular users to sign up for accounts on our system, we provide each of them with a mailbox. Each user on our system will be able to select the types of information from all of our advertisers that they may want updates on, including individual advertisers. That way you know that what you have to offer is being specifically targeted at people who want to know about it.

Print Publication Advertising**

Advertising will be available in our print publication due out in the next year showcasing venues, bands, equipment and more. Our intended distribution for the first year is 10,000 copies to be distributed in the downtown and surrounding areas of Chicago.


To get information on requirements or rates please e-mail or contact us here.

* E-mail advertising is NOT sent to e-mail addresses outside of our user e-mail addresses. Each account signed up on our site receive their own e-mail box located on our servers, which is only accessible through our custom interface. Unless requested by the user, all messages remain on our servers and are not forwarded to the user's personal e-mail addresses. We do not condone SPAM and do not participate in unsolicited e-mail advertising.

**Advertising in our print medium will be available in the future. Please contact us and let us know if you would be interested in placing advertising in a periodical that will be circulated in the Chicago-Metro area.